School of the Art Institute Ballroom

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LOLA just celebrated its 7th anniversary in business earlier this summer, and we’ve helped over 450 brides take their walk down the aisle since the company’s inception in 2006. In celebration, we thought we would take the next few weeks and revisit some of our favorite events that have been featured on our website.  What makes us even happier than our own success, is that we have stayed in touch with so many wonderful brides and grooms that continue to grow together as a couple and add children to their happy families. So Happy Anniversary to LOLA, and Happy 3rd Anniversary to Holly and Doug…

Roaring 20’s Wedding

Holly & Doug May 1, 2010 at School of the Art Institute Ballroom

Photography: Studio This Is 

Holly and Doug not only went all out with their Roaring 20’s themed wedding – the fact that it was a wedding was a SURPRISE…  Yes, guests thought they were coming to an engagement party – but when we parted guests on the dance floor and the bride pulled her bouquet out of a wrapped gift box guests cheered at the surprise vow exchange! The attire, music, menu and even the vintage pin-up centerfolds in the restrooms and cigar roller were all true to the era. These photos really captured the spirit of the evening!

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