Angela Chereso

Hi There,

My name is Angela. I like to say my name starts with an A which represents type A personality because that is exactly what I am. You want a wedding coordinator that is very organized, detail oriented and can multitask, I’m your girl!

Who is Angela Chereso?

I have always been a planner with anything I do in life. To-do list and color-coordinated planners are my thing! Yes, even in this world of advanced technology I still use written planners. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list and seeing a well-organized planner with all the things you have planned for the month/year!

After attending multiple weddings as a guest I found myself always observing the ladies in all black running around with a clipboard and fanny pack, like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, and I decided to explore opportunities through the LOLA Mentorship program. I have been with LOLA now since 2017 and have loved every minute of it!!

Full time I am a corporate meeting and event coordinator. CheresoIt’s definitely not as fun/glamorous as the wedding side which is why I love doing both. With couples, I get to connect with them on a more personal level than my corporate clients. In some ways, I feel like I become a part of their family being part of the planning process for their special day and being there/witnessing them tie the knot!

A few other things about me, I am a sucker for Bravo (preferably Real Housewives), I love wine, carbs, working out at F45, my friends/family and especially my dog. So if you’re a couple that has a fur child that you tell me about, I will definitely try to convince you to incorporate them in your wedding one way or another!

Looking forward to working with you and making your wedding day what you envisioned and more!


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Words from Angela's Clients

Absolutely a MUST when it comes to wedding planning services! We had the pleasure of working with Angela Chereso as our implementation planner, and we are so glad we did! I actually loved the wedding planning process and enjoyed paying attention to all of the details. For a while, I was convinced we didn’t need the support of a planner. Boy was I wrong! I asked for advice from many of our vendors and their feedback was that a day-of planner was worth his or her weight in gold. They were right. The LOLA team took this a step further with their package that begins supporting months out. Angela was diligent in reviewing all of our agreements, familiarizing herself with each and every vendor we were working with, and did a ton of the heavy lifting in the home stretch of the planning process… The point when you most want to relax and enjoy as a bride! It was such a relief to have an expert to coordinate the final walk through with vendors to ensure the day went seamlessly, provide a second set of eyes to ensure no detail was left unattended, see that all of our items were placed and then returned safely to us at the end of the evening, and so much more. Ultimately, Angela and her awesome support made it so that my family and I didn’t have to worry on the big day and could savor every moment. Thank you, Angela!