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Collaboration and teamwork makes your Chicago event planning experience fun and very personal! Whether it’s a team meeting at our Chicago event planning studio, or a creative partnership with fellow colleagues or new clients, building consensus and creating an environment of collaboration and excitement is high priority when planning your wedding or event with the LOLA Pro’s.



Whether you are referring to the logistical details that create the foundation of a well-executed event, or the design details that make that event special – the LOLA wedding planners are equally experienced in making an event run smoothly and creating a look and feel that is cohesive, unique and personal for the hosts and memorable and exciting for their guests.

Some words our clients have used to describe their LOLA Pro: wedding ninja, MVP, living Xanax, HBIC, actual goddess superhero IRL, human glue, the ‘Dr. Phil’ of weddings, GOAT, magic maker, BFF in the ‘biz’, wish-granter, wedding MacGyver, Mary Poppins, matrimony maven, mother mediator, partner in crime, the ‘Leslie Knope’ to my “Harvest Festival’, Wonder Woman, omniscient friend, wedding genie, magician, wedding wizard, tamer of chaos, iconic, Athena: goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, skill and arts…



As wedding and event planners in Chicago, The LOLA Pro’s are a highly trained and creative team with diverse education and backgrounds that have 70+ years of combined experience implementing savvy, stylish and FUN weddings and events of all shapes and sizes. Put that creative brainpower to work for your event… You’ve only got one chance to make a lasting impression on your guests! Read over 100 5-star client reviews from our clients and colleagues

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