Nicole Wunderlich


My name is Nicole. I manifested and joined the lovely ladies of LOLA in the Spring of 2022. I was recently asked by a fellow wedding vendor, “What is your favorite part about working in weddings and what keeps you coming back for more?” I immediately told him, “The energy!” There is nothing quite like the buzz you get from a wedding day as you get to help someone’s dream come to life. I hope I can help you do the same!

Who is Nicole Wunderlich?

I first dipped my toe into weddings, professionally as a bridal stylist at a wedding dress boutique! However, I like to say, I am the professional Maid of Honor amongst my friends, as you’ll find me lugging around an Ikea bag size emergency kit, in my floor length chiffon dress for all of them. You best believe there will not be a wrinkle in sight nor a blistered heel unbandaged on my watch!

Furthermore, I was crowned the prestigious title of Chaos Coordinator by my future sister-in-law for my brother’s wedding in 2020. And, trust me, there was no chaos at that pandemic wedding! It was in that moment I knew I could no longer hide the light of my gifts and I had to share them with the world.

My title of Chaos Coordinator first really shined through with LOLA when I was assisting a wedding the weekend of the Air and Water show. We had a wedding at Theater on the Lake and all east bound streets to get there were completely blocked off. But of course, we had to get through to the venue to set up the reception! After passing multiple exits and being told no one could not get through, I brought out my most authoritative Wedding Planner voice and was able to secure a police escort who moved multiple water truck barricades to allow us to reach the venue and set up the reception in time! All to say, I will do everything in my power to move mountains (or water trucks) for you to keep things running smoothly.

Outside of LOLA I am a Project Manager for a marketing agency. As a project manager, I have learned the art of running a tight ship and a tight schedule. You may experience me whipping out my fancy Excel pivot table skills on your guest list to make sure there is not a vegetarian out of place or unaccounted for.

In my spare time you can find me:

  • Going on long walks along the lake front with my sassy Cavapoo, Bobbi.
  • Tearing up a dance floor with my friends and my newfound love for Salsa dancing.
  • Buried in Pinterest boards as I try my best to finish my first home renovation.
  • Planning a trip to the mountains or a spa with my Mom.
  • Hosting dinner parties or craft nights for my girlfriends.

My favorite part of every wedding is that each wedding has “THAT MOMENT.” Sometimes it is the first look, others as they lock eyes as the bride walks down the aisle or as a couple walk closely arm in arm to have a private moment after the ceremony, or even as they dance to their favorite song from when they first met in college on the dance floor of their reception… In that moment, you can see in their eyes, they know they chose their person. That is what this is all about!


A few of Sanja's Events & Features

Words from Sanja's Clients

Lola Event Productions is amazing. We feel so lucky to have worked with them!!! Our wedding was June 11, 2022 which is in the middle of probably the craziest wedding season we’ve ever seen and you could not tell that Sanja had been working like crazy. Our wedding was always important to her and the team continued to keep their fast-paced, energetic, and detail-oriented work style in place from beginning to end. I felt confident in Lola and Sanja from the first meeting that was so detailed and I knew they could problem solve any issue. The biggest thing with a wedding is that things are always going to go “wrong” and as the bride you are way too busy to deal with anything. Sanja had everything under control from start to finish and knew when to come to me with questions and when not to which is honestly the hardest skill to learn. They are SO PROFESSIONAL and SO KIND. They have exceptional taste and high standards. We are so grateful to have them. They were always invested in us as a couple and in our events and demonstrated so much passion and energy which really showed through for our life-changing wedding! Sanja contributed so much positivity and loving energy to the event and to both my now husband and me. I know we will stay in touch with them for years to come. The team walked around to every single table, every single table setting, every candle etc, and made sure each detail was in place while Sanja was literally running around everywhere making sure all the vendors were in place and each task was taken care of. Both of our families commented on how Sanja was always in control and dealt with any issue before it became a problem. The team is consistently anticipating the next 3 steps which is an invaluable skill. I have been to family weddings where I had to tell the wedding planner what to do – there was NONE of that at this wedding. Sanja was with me in the bridal suite and was always giving me water, making sure I ate, and overall just being the best cheerleader and hype woman. Working with a woman-led and owned business that is the BEST in the industry is a beautiful experience that I will always remember. I can’t say enough positive things but just go with them if they are actually open on your date…trust us!

~Mita & Sush

Bride and Groom