A Moody Wedding at the Stan Mansion

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This moody wedding at the Stan Mansion was really too much fun. I think I laughed at more meetings with Jackie and Nik than most of my planning meetings! From the beginning, I knew they wanted to produce a party that really left their guests saying wow. All of the details and logistics for the day were centered and steeped in Serbian traditions. We started at the coupleshome just down the street from the impeccable Stan Mansion. Their family and friends met Nik there to begin a traditional parade to pick up our bride. As first looks go, this one was pretty remarkable! They all gathered around for dancing and celebrating all before heading to their ceremony! This Is Feeling was there to capture the moments for Jackie, Nik, and their guests. 

I was really impressed with the details that Jackie and Nik brought together. The rosemary pinned to each guests lapel, the custom corset Jackie wore, the custom rings they exchanged, their celestial inspired invitations by Steracle Press, and every small accessory that really made this feel special.  

The ceremony was every bit beautiful as it was meaningful. They finished their ceremony with another gathering outside of the cathedral to continue the dancing and celebrating! They then headed to the mansion for a reveal of the moody flowers from Larkspur that really complimented the nearly century old ballroom. The Flat Cats were ready and set to welcome the guests with the best in swing dancing and Ovy Catering delivered the best in culinary treats. Every detail from the bride and grooms portrait above the Stan Mansions salon fireplace to the heartfelt toasts from loved ones, really brought this whimsical and energetic celebration together.  

A Moody Wedding at the Stan Maison Details

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