Wording and Tone for your Casual Wedding Invitation

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Not only can it be a challenge to get all the etiquette of a wedding invitation correct – it can be tricky to word your wedding invitation so that it properly reflects the mood and formality of the event… Especially if you are having a more unique reception that may not be the traditional ceremony, dinner, dancing format.  It is important that your invitation sets the correct tone, so that guests can set their expectations accordingly.  It also helps ease their stress on attending something less “cookie cutter” in terms of helping them choose an appropriate gift and the proper attire to wear to the affair.  Here are a few of my favorite client invitations that reflect the vibe of their event perfectly!









Jade and Raj are having a semi-formal multi-cultural affair, and want to make sure that both bride and groom guests are excited and informed as to what to expect from their ceremony. The design of the invitation as well as the wording and fonts are all reflective of this objective, and it has transformed into one of the major inspirations for the entire event. This invitation was created by Visual Affair specifically for the client.


Mary and Victor had a semi-casual affair on the Chicago Lakefront and created this invitation themselves as a DIY project.  They wanted to make sure guests were aware of the location so they wouldn’t wear shoes or clothing inappropriate to the beach or their outdoor venue.  We also loved that they invited their guests to wear certain colors that reflected the time of day – which inspired the decor for their event.


Lori & Bryan had married in a private ceremony previously, and wanted to host a very casual cocktail reception to kick off the 4th of July Weekend and celebrate the recent nuptuals. To make sure guests knew what to expect from the evening and keep the mood extremely casual and festive – they got creative with their invitation.  They weren’t serving dinner and wanted to make sure that was reflected as well.

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