Dori and Rick taught me the word Hygge before it was cool, and I could not have fell more in love with the idea and inspiration of Hygge if I tried. Hygge is everything I envision a wedding being –cozy, warm, inviting –it’s the ultimate atmosphere you want when you’re inviting company over. Hygge was our inspiration for their wedding at Moonlight Studios. The venue is very Hygge in itself –there’s very little natural light, exposed brick, it’s the perfect setting for a dark and moody affair. Add a ton ofcandlelight and you’re golden –literally!

The day started when Dori and Rick got ready at the Park Hyatt with their closest friends. They decided from the get go that they would not have a wedding party, and instead have their siblings stand up with them, so this point of the day was a crucial aspect of involving their dear friends who had travelled into town near and far. After somehair, makeup, and lots of bubbly, it was time for Rick to find Dori! He awaited her in his Burberry Suit, and when he saw her in her Acquachiara gown, which she purchased on a family trip to Italy, he was literally brought to tears. After this, the coupleheaded around town with photographer extraordinaire, Steve Koo. Upon their entrance to the venue, guests were welcome by a fruitful supply of bubbly served by the professional staff of Food For Thought Catering. The finally made their way to the stunningceremony in the round, where the main star was a gorgeous, wilderness inspired chuppah designed by Kehoe Designs. All it needed was a bride and groom, and once they arrived, the whole building was ecstatic for these two to become husband and wife.

Now it was time to get ready for the fun! As guests perused the charcuterie display from Food for Thought and drank exquisite wines from the bride’s family’s favorite vineyard, the vendor team went to work flipping the main space to a Hygge heaven. The floor planfeatured tables of different shapes including round, oval and farm table rectangles, each having its own chair to match –some rustic, some modern, some industrial. All tables featured abundant amounts of greenery and succulents, and were illuminated not only by hundreds of candles, but the precise lighting provided by Sound Investment to create the warm and inviting atmosphere you would feel at one’s home.

After a spectacular feast and delectable sweets from Cake Chicago, it was time for guests to dance the night away to Rendezvous Band. There wasn’t a pair of feet in the house that didn’t touch that dance floor, and if it wasn’t for the surprise,midnight,chocolate chip cookiesluring them off of the dance floor and to the after party,they’d all still be there!

Hygge Wedding at Moonlight Studio Details

Moonlight Studios

Food for Thought

Steve Koo

Kehoe Designs

Sound Investment

Cake Chicago

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