You’ve got the old, new, borrowed, and blue…so why not add a splash of green?

In honor of Earth Day, KK is checking in on some fun new ways to make your wedding environmentally friendly!

Luscious Landscapes:

If you haven’t chosen a location yet, look into holding your event in an eco-friendly location! Parks, nature reserves, and buildings that meet government ‘green design’ standards are all great options. A Chicago venue we love is The Greenhouse Loft.

Eco-friendly invites:

Start out in the early stages of your event. While choosing invitations, menus, and signage, explore recycled paper. There are hundreds of styles and options to fit many styles and themes.  Ok, so this idea has been around for a while – so take it to the next level… Do on online RSVP and eliminate the maps since everyone has GPS these days anyway!  Free websites like the ones found on and make it SO EASY for you to offer up all the info a guest could need online with no paper at all! (Let it be known that this wedding planner absolutely things the invite should still come in the mail the old fashioned way!)

Eliminate Emission:

transportation is an important aspect of many events—getting guests to and from your event and companies making deliveries are both very necessary. Help limit your carbon footprint by using local vendors, hiring a shuttle service, and encouraging guests to carpool to your event. You can even mix things up and opt for a brightly decorated pedicab for the bride and groom!

Give back:

There are businesses out there that help you “pay it forward” by calculating and paying back carbon emissions – skip the trinkets and make that your wedding favor! If you really want to give something away make it a seedling or plant.


Another favor idea is to give everyone a glass to call their own for the night! Chalkboard stickers allow for easy personalization, and this helps eliminate the need for anything disposable, dishwashing energy and water after the event.  Plus it’s super fun and hip!

Taking these small steps to ‘green-up’ your walk down the aisle can help make a big difference for the environment years past your big day. If you’re really feeling gung-ho about giving back, you may even consider turning your honeymoon into an earth friendly service trip J

Happy Earth Day… Today and EVERY DAY!



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