Love is All You Need – Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Could there be a more romantic time for Valentines Day than when you’re engaged?

Take a night off from your guest list spreadsheet and Pinterest wedding board and spend some time with your sweetie. Here are some of our favorite date night ideas to cozy up with your betrothed.

  • Make dinner together and avoid the crowded restaurant scene. Date Rules: make sure you are in the kitchen together as a team, don’t eat in front of the TV and open a bottle of wine or make some cocktails while you’re cooking! If you really wanted to make it a night to remember, why not order a wine delivery from somewhere like GraysOnline. This is something your loved one is bound to appreciate! Especially if they’re a wine lover!
  • Be tourists! Whether you’re here in Chicago or somewhere else, take a step out of your normal routine and be a tourist in your own city for the day or evening. In Chicago, grab drinks in the Signature Room of the Hancock building and take in the view, then head to the ice skating rink in Millennium Park or Wrigley Field followed by dinner at a nearby favorite spot.
  • Living Room Camp Out. This is one of my favorites! Get a fire going in your fireplace if you have one, open a bottle or two of wine, and set up shop on the floor in front of the fire with a spread of imported cheeses and other delicious bites. Maybe even make some s’mores while you’re at it!
  • Build a date night indoor tent out of sheets and furniture. Think of the old school forts that we all used to make as kids but make it a grown-up tent with sweets to munch on and of course, a bottle of wine and lots of making out! If you need a little bit of extra help in the ‘making out’ department, you may want to look at where to buy cialis online so that the night doesn’t end.
  • Take a walk down memory lane and revisit key locations in your relationship: the place you met, the spot of your first kiss, where you got engaged and where you plan to tie the knot.


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