The Star Wars nerd in me couldn’t let another May 4th go by without doing a little tribute to those super-fans that want to pay homage to the Star Wars franchise on their big day… either in a BIG way, or as a small touch.

You’re both super fans – So GO BIG or go home…

  • Dress it Up: Dressing some or all of your wedding party in Comic Con quality costumes – It requires a big commitment, but you definitely won’t have a wedding that’s boring. Take it one step further and invite your guests to pay homage as well.
  • And the bride wore… Princess Leia: We prefer the traditional formal whites she wore in the first movie over the sexy gold bikini for the bridal attire J Hair Buns optional.
  • Light Saber Salute: Forget the military salute and go for something more “inter-galactic” for your grand exit from the ceremony.
  • Romantic Rings: “Solo” yourselves with Star Wars wedding rings (I would love an inscription on the inside of a more traditional ring as a little surprise for the Star Wars loving spouse!)

You may not be a super-fan, but the groom wants to represent. Throw him a ton-ton bone! A small galactic touch scores big points with the man of the day…

  • Let Them Eat Cake: Whether it’s your groom’s cake or just the cake topper – a fun way to be Star Wars sassy with your sweets!
  • A Little of the Dark Side: Go with a garter that even Vader would think was a bit naughty!
  • Photo Ops: Whether it is just some fun props your Indianapolis wedding photographers can use to get some photos of the bride and groom, or it’s a box of props or a backdrop you customize for your photo booth – This is probably my favorite way to incorporate “The Force” into the big day.
      Renting a photo booth is the best way to capture those fun moments in your big day, if your wedding is in Texas a photo booth rental in Austin, TX could be perfect for you and your spouse, your wedding day will be filled with pictures of beautifully dressed wedding guests (one or two dressed like Chewbacca) the force will be strong with your wedding!

So with that my fellow earthlings… May the Fourth Be With You all day long! For links to all these photos, links to products and more ideas check out our Pinterest board:


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