Kirstin Basch

Hi there!

You can call me Kirsty – like Thirsty. I’ve been a member of the LOLA Family since 2012. ‘They’ were right when ‘they’ said “time flies when you’re having fun”! My right brain and my left brain are constantly battling one another for attention, which is why I love this career so much. I’m able to structure and utilize systems to ensure the planning process is organized, efficient and fun all while letting my creative energy shine through. I should mention, you can expect to get an email from me before 8am at some point in the planning process because I like to get up and get my day started. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you respond at that time!

Who is Kirstin Basch?

As a senior coordinator, I focus my time to clients who are looking for guidance throughout their entire wedding planning journey- especially those who want someone to really dive into the design portion of their day, and want honest feedback through the process. We’ll talk about your wish list, goals, and expectations (keep in mind, I’ll tell you if they’re unrealistic) to curate a team of vendors to cover our organizational needs, then dive into the beauty of the design process. I’m all about logistics (hello, timelines!) but get really excited when we’re talking about the nitty gritty of your décor- What fork are your guests using? How is the napkin going to sit on the table? Tell me about your favorite flower! What about a cheese fountain with lots of soft pretzels and beer pairings? (I forgot to mention-I also love food). Where can we find your inspiration? It can be from a childhood memory or from an inside joke from your very first date. I want to help bring your vision to life, but make it different than a typical Pinterest wedding

Through the process I like to get to know my clients and their VIPs. While you two are the ones saying “I do”, I’m fully aware there may be friends and family members involved in the process who are investing emotionally (and let’s face it, financially) in your celebration- I want to get to know them, too, and hope you’ll also get to know me through our time together. The day of your wedding I love seeing you all surrounded by YOUR people. Interactions with your friends and the excitement brewing around you really amps me up and gives me the adrenaline to pump through the wedding day. Seriously – I’m usually wide away until like 3am from pure excitement. I’ll take care of all of the details and you can just enjoy starting your next chapter.

Here’s a bit more about me: My Husband, Garrett and I love living in Chicago, but our hearts are in Cleveland . Yes, I rooted for the Cleveland Indians during the 2016 world series (it was a dark time in the Basch household)- Cleveland sports fans are the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. It’s not always easy, but one day it WILL be worth it! I’m usually over caffeinated and looking for my next coffee fix. I’ve got the travel bug and I don’t hate it. In my wiser years I am learning that there are few things I cherish more than time with my friends and family – and maybe a competitive game night or two. I’m one of the lucky ones who is still best friends with my friends from childhood and high school, and met some of my closest confidants in college while being a member of Delta Gamma. Last and most definitely not least, you’ll hear me talk about and probably see a hundred pictures of my dog Otis and my daughter Parker. Becoming a mom has absolutely taught me patience and how to go with the flow.

I can’t wait to hear about your vision and your story, and bring it to life in a way that showcases YOU.


A few of Kirstin's Events & Features

Words from Kirstin's Clients

Lola Event Productions I needed to let the world know that there is not a better event planning company anywhere. We were involved with Lola Event Productions (Chicago)for my daughter’s wedding. I knew this wedding would be special but that word doesn’t describe the final outcome. Like many, we started this adventure not being able to foresee what 2020 was about to hand all of us. With all contracts and visions in place the wedding world came to an abrupt halt. When panic could have easily set in Kirsty Basch from Lola was just as cool and calm as if this was an everyday event. Kirsty took more phone calls from this mom and ran with the craziest ideas with the appearance of such ease. When I say crazy idea, I mean the craziest; she seamlessly moved our 300 person event out of the city of Chicago to a private country club, secured all vendors for the new location. She choreographed the building of a 10,000sq ft venue, the installation of the “cave of lights” that had too many lights to count, the coordination of 30,000 floral pieces, secured a special guest performance by Kellie Pickler, had a baby, moved into her new home, and so many other details I haven’t the space to list them. Needless to say, we felt that Kirsty was outstanding and exceeded any expectations we could have had. Her expertise with vendors is exquisite. Her attention to detail is impeccable. If you are in the need of an event planner LOLA is your place and Kirsty Basch is your girl. We love you Kirsty. Miss you already

~Michele V.

Mother of the Bride