Lauren Prado

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You might find it surprising that I had never been a wedding guest until I was 24 years old; which is part of the reason I became so intrigued by weddings when I was younger- because I had longed to attend one! Always interested in party planning and events (thanks to my mom, the ultimate hostess), I knew I wanted to pursue a career in this field. However, my passion for weddings really developed during college when I worked as front of house staff for a premier Chicago catering company. After working numerous weddings and large events over three years, I was absolutely hooked and knew I wanted to be the one planning these events. 

Who is Lauren Prado?

Wedding planning allows me to use my keen eye for detail (hello, timelines!) and my creative side, but it also allows me to get to know people from all walks of life. I truly enjoy the process of getting to know my couples and their families. By forming strong relationships I can seamlessly blend into my couples’ wedding days which often has some guests wondering if I’m their planner or just a good friend helping out. I really work to understand my clients’ personalities, style, goals, and manage expectations so that I can play matchmaker and pair them with the perfect vendors. By getting to know my clients and forming awesome vendor teams, I’m able to provide a true sense of calm throughout the entire day. Not to worry though – there are a million checklists running through my head to ensure a wedding day runs smoothly. Whether I’m herding your wedding party to get on the trolley, running through the timeline with the band, or directing guests to the ceremony, you bet I’ve got things under control and am anticipating what happens next. Post-wedding, you can fully expect me to keep in touch with my clients and all the exciting moments in their lives!

My favorite part of the planning process, aside from helping navigate the catering world, is sitting down to brainstorm the overall design and all the contributing details. I’m always up for a challenge; so don’t be afraid to share your absolute dream wedding ideas. If you’re traditional, modern, romantic, industrial, boho, or some combination of all of those – let’s plan something beautiful, fun, and unique! We’ll talk about everything from favorite or least favorite flowers all the way down to the cocktail napkins at the bar. Just wait until you see all of these small details and the rest of your ideas come to life! Revealing the reception space to my clients is the best feeling in the world after many months of planning. I know we achieved our goal together when you exclaim “OH MY GOSH!” (or an excited “HOLY S**T!”) accompanied by happy tears.

Having planned my own 2018 wedding, I now have a new perspective on things from the bride’s side. I can better understand a client’s stress revolving around guest lists, seating charts, scheduling tastings and floral samples, and honeymoon planning all while still having a full-time career. There are so many decisions a couple will make for their wedding day and it’s easy to question every decision. My advice? Go with your gut! No one will ever know we looked at twenty different table linens or that you could have had two signature drinks instead of one. During my own planning, I realized that 98% of the time, I ended up going back to my original ideas after I started toying around with some changes.

In my free time and weekends off, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Scott, and our children, Connor & Isla. As a lifelong Chicagoan I live for summertime and, as a new homeowner, you can find me hosting family & friends throughout the summer for backyard barbeques and bonfires. I also love a good series to binge watch, checking off destinations on my travel bucket list, and exploring the city’s restaurant scene.


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Words from Lauren's Clients

Hiring Lauren as our wedding planner was the best decision we made!! We went with LOLA and Lauren at the recommendation of one of my best friends, who also hired her for her wedding. That was one of my favorite weddings I had been to and I was so stoked to work with her for ours. We got married on August 7, 2021, and planning in the months leading up to that was definitely challenging due to COVID. Lauren made the process easy by keeping positive and grounding us, and was always up to date on COVID related rules.

Overall, she gave amazing recommendations in terms of vendors to choose from, and seemed to know all the best vendors in the city personally and professionally. Planning with her was so much fun! She helped us achieve our dream vision for the wedding, and was super willing to work with us when we completely changed the aesthetic we had in mind. She was super easy to communicate with, especially in the weeks before the wedding when I was freaking out about every little detail.

The wedding itself was AMAZING and we cannot thank Lauren and LOLA enough. The day-of went incredibly smooth, and she helped make sure everything was organized and ran like clockwork. I am so happy with how everything went and only wish we could do the whole day over and over again. Thank you so much for everything!!