This South Asian Wedding at Bridgeport Art Center Skyline Loft is one of our favorite weddings. Yogitha and Alake celebrated their wedding in two events throughout the day-long celebration.

The morning started with a ceremony in the Red Lacquer Ballroom at the Palmer House Hilton, where all of their guests were staying. Guests were shuttled to Bridgeport Art Center later that day, where the party continued!

Guests were welcomed by a one-of-a-kind escort card display once they exited the ever-famous elevator. The display was a twist on a traditional setup. A meal full of Indian Fusion menu items entertained guests from the moment they sat down, while the decor that surrounded them really helped set the mood. They danced under twinkle lights and suspended greenery, and enjoyed a cake that was equally as delicious as it was stunning! If you’re in Chicago, Bridgeport Art Center is the place for a South Asian Wedding! If you’re looking for stunning Indian and Asian bridal wear, Sonas Haute Couture is the leading fashion house in London for such bridal dresses and clothing!

South Asian Wedding at Bridgeport Art Center Skyline Loft Details


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